This morning, three of us went on the weekly trip into Sheridan. We were dropped off on Main St., and told of several points of interest before being set loose on the unsuspecting populace for an hour and half. We stopped in both bookstores, which is always a treat for me. (I bought paperback copies of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation’s Edge and Foundation and Earth, Colette’s Claudine at School and Claudine Married, Gore Vidal’s Lincoln, and James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room at the used book store, and a hardback copy of Annie Proulx’s Fine Just the Way It Is at the other book store.) Ancd we made a few forays into some of the other shops along Main St. out of curiosity. Then came the obligatory trip to the liquor store (for vodka and Maker’s Mark for me, and wine for the others).

Then, back to the studio for more writing.

Yesterday, I managed to come up with the theme for the Theme & Variations movement of the new orchestral piece, as well as map out the general idea for each variation. The middle of the afternoon suddenly brought on a powerful need to nap, which urge I obeyed at length. Today felt slightly more productive, working on "Take All My Loves". I hammered out a few more lines of the poem, which leaves me with five to go.

I also took an early-afternoon walk through my usual stomping grounds (I do actually sort of stomp so as to avoid startling any snakes that might be in my path – so far there have been none) and took some photos, presented below.

This first shot was taken near Piney Creek, directly across the gravel driveway from my studio’s front door.

A full view of my studio/cabin from the same spot.

Closer to the creek, near a little wooden bridge.

Two creeks meeting, taken from the bridge.

Further downstream across the bridge. My studio is barely visible between the trees; the bridge also glimpse-able to the far right.

The opposite view from the same spot. I love the little islands in the creek!

This has been dubbed Labrador Beach because Kate takes her dogs here to swim in the creek. I love to stand on the little ‘beach’ and watch the water and minnows.

Taken from the ‘beach’. These are the Kocur studios, where some of the writers stay.

This is my little friend who I meet every day on the beach. We stare at each other. Sometimes I talk to him.

On my way back, I snapped this of a little picnic area near the beach (the tiremarks in the grass lead down there).

And this is on my way back to my studio, from near the bridge again.