As a vocalist, Dennis is a fierce champion of the works of living composers.

“Under the Silver Moon” from Three Lullabies by Zachary Wadsworth

“An Argument” from Three Poems of Thomas Moore by Darien Shulman

“The Gallant Weaver” from And He’ll Be Mine by Dennis Tobenski

“At Any Given Moment” from Modern Love Songs by Chester Biscardi

Vocal Repertoire

Algera, Jeff
  • Former Soldier (World Premiere)
  • Songs of Sex, Love & Desire (World Premiere)
  • Twenty (World Premiere)
Alon, Aaron
  • All Rights Reserved (NY Premiere)
Ayers, Paul
  • The Salutation (from The Light Walking)
Biscardi, Chester
  • Modern Love Songs (NY Premiere of complete cycle)
  • “The Poet’s Aria” from Tight-Rope
  • Sailors & Dreamers (World premiere of voice/piano version)
Bond, Victoria
  • Art and Science
  • Good-Bye My Fancy! (World premiere)
Borzoni, Clint
  • In The Golden Afternoon (from Within the Looking Glass)
  • To a Stranger
Britten, Benjamin
  • Six Songs from the Chinese
Burke, Steven
  • Inebriate of Air
Cipullo, Tom
  • I Hear American Singing
  • Marches
Corigliano, John
  • Mr. Tambourine Man: Masters of War
Del Tredici, David
  • Acrostic Song
  • Gay Life (World premiere of voice/piano version)
Finzi, Gerald
  • Earth and Air and Rain
Gilliam, Daniel
  • Like men and women (from Songs of Insects and Animals)
Gordon, Ricky Ian
  • Adolescent’s Song (World Premiere)
  • A Contemporary
  • As Planned (World Premiere)
  • Prof of Gold (World Premiere)
Hale, Casey
  • Todesfuge (World Premiere)
Hall, Juliana
  • June (from The Poet’s Calendar)
Hemenger, Drew
  • Her Final Show
Hope, Garrett
  • Princess Stories (from Somewhere, Love)
Johnston, Rory Wainwright
  • Like the dove (from Nostalgia))
Kiah, Tim
  • La Nuit
Lam, George
  • Fog Argument
Leisner, David
  • Love and Friendship (from Confiding)
Menotti, Gian-Carlo
  • Canti della lontananza
Merritt, Justin
  • Dissonance (NY Premiere)
  • May Evening in Central Park (NY Premiere)
Neher, Lisa
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays (from Snapshots)
Noiberg, Hadar
  • Two Songs of Emily Dickinson
Oteri, Frank J.
  • Prick’d
Owens, Gabrielle Rosse
  • Black is the Color (from Three Folk Songs)
Poulenc, Francis
  • Cocardes
Rorem, Ned
  • Early in the Morning
  • Four Poems of Tennyson
  • Look Down, Fair Moon
  • Memory
  • O You Whome I Often and Silently Come
  • Orchids
  • Root Cellar
  • Three Poems of Demetrios Capetanakis
  • To a Common Prostitute
  • War Scenes
  • You, the Young Rainbow
  • Youth, Day, Old Age, and Night
Schubert, Franz
  • Die Winterreise
Shulman, Darien
  • Three Poems of Thomas Moore (World Premiere)
  • Whispers of Heavenly Death (World Premiere)
Southard, Keane
  • Three Songs of Dylan Thomas
Telemann, Georg Philipp
  • Kanarienvogel Kantate
Tobenski, Dennis
  • And He’ll Be Mine
  • at least a moment (world premiere)
  • echoes
  • Good Bones
  • Hangover (world premiere)
Urquhart, Craig
  • Here The Frailest Leaves of Me (from Leaves)
Wadsworth, Zachary
  • Three Lullabies
Wharton, Philip
  • Let Me Play the Fool (from Fools)
Wheeler, Scott
  • Night (from Heaven and Earth)
Wolfson, David
  • When First I Loved You (from Six Love Songs)
Roger Zahab
  • Autum Songs
  • River