My catalog of works has been updated.  Click on the title of each piece to get basic information, such as instrumentation, length, commissioners and premiere dates/performers.

Tobenski-Algera program

The Program for the inaugural Tobenski-Algera Concert will be: Under the Night Sky from The Heart oh the Stranger (Daron Aric Hagen) Masters of War from Mr. Tamborine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan (John Corigliano) Acrostic Song from Final Alice (David Del Tredici,...

Touch me, tease me

I will be singing for a recording of Jeff Algera’s song Touch me, tease me this Thursday at the City College of New York, with a small orchestra, and David Del Tredici conducting.

Tobenski-Algera Recital Series

The Tobenski-Algera Recital Series will have its inaugural concert on Apil 25th at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Chelsea.  On the program will be my own And He’ll Be Mine, along with Darien Shulman’s Whispers of Heavenly Death, and cycles by Jeff...