I haven’t written a word in the Composer’s Guide to Doing Business in quite a while, and that was kind of bumming me out last Fall. I like writing and talking about business-y and practical things in music, and I find it really fulfilling to put that information and those opinions out into the world in a semi-organized way.

After feeling guilty about not putting out new posts here, and continuing to dive deep into the world of book publishing and the people who talk about self-publishing, I realized that I could continue the work of the Guide in a different format – a podcast!

Enter the Music Publishing Podcast, a weekly, (roughly) hour-long show on the business and practical aspects of having a career as a concert musician in the 21st Century.

Every week, I put out a new episode where I meet up with a composer or performer or someone who works with musicians and artists for a (very) loosely structured conversation around a particular topic or two. One of my early listeners very accurately and insightfully described the show as “good-natured shop talk”.

It’s been a lot of fun, and right now I’m in the process of banking about two months’-worth of episodes, so there’ll be a lot of listening to do!

The show definitely takes up part of the mantle of the Composer’s Guide, and is intended to help concert music composers and performers to navigate their careers, and to learn from their colleagues’ successes, failures, and experience.

As of this week, I’ve released a dozen episodes with:
Alex Shapiro, composer
Jenn Jolley, composer
Chris Cresswell, composer
Marc Ostrow, entertainment & copyright lawyer
Erin Rogers, composer
Noah Luna, composer & engraver
Dale Trumbore, composer
Rob Deemer, composer & educator
Alexandra Gardner, composer
Dominick DiOrio, composer & choral conductor
Kurt Knecht & Jennifer Rosenblatt, co-founders of MusicSpoke
Thomas Deneuville, digital marketing professional, founder of ICareIfYouListen.com

So check out the website, subscribe on iTunes, PlayerFM or Stitcher (or wherever else you consume your podcasts), and I hope you enjoy!