Audio: 50% funded!

The other day, the Kickstarter campaign reached 50%, so here are several more clips, as promised!

“At Any Given Moment” from Modern Love Songs by Chester Biscardi

“Under the Silver Moon” from Three Lullabies by Zachary Wadsworth

Outtake 1: “An Argument”

Outtake 2: “An Argument”

And no recording session is complete without a 30 Rock reference that no one in the studio catches. (This is in reference to “At Any Given Moment” – the take that immediate precedes the one I’ve provided above!)

With 4 days left, we have $1,400 left to raise! Marc and I need your help in this last push to make sure that these beautiful songs get the best possible presentation! Please pledge and share with your friends!

Audio: 33% Funded

Since the Kickstarter campaign reached the 33% milestone, I’m releasing two new snippets of audio from the upcoming album:

“An Argument” from Three Poems of Thomas Moore by Darien Shulman

“Rockaby, lullaby” from Three Lullabies by Zachary Wadsworth

I’ll release the next set of audio (including my 30 Rock tribute) when we hit the 50% mark – so get funding, there’s only 15 days left! 😀

Site Update: New Audio Page!

The past few months have brought a handful of new web design clients. And new web design clients always inspire new design ideas…some of which I can’t help but plunder for myself!

The first change I’m implementing on the site is a new Audio page, which I’ve felt has been badly in need of a new audio player for some time now. The old player was great when I first got this version of the site up and running (and this is the fourth incarnation of, by the way), but it’s just been bothering me for the past few months. So now I’ve uploaded most of my tracks to SoundCloud, and I’ve embedded their pretty little player on the site! Check it out here.

I’ll be making a few more tweaks to the layout and functionality of the site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And after a few months away, I’m firing up the Composer’s Guide again – I put up a new essay this past weekend, and there are a handful of posts in draft form ready to go up in the coming weeks. Back in the saddle again!

Just for fun

As we continue to unpack in our new Astoria apartment, we’re frequently treated to scenes like these:

This text will be replaced

On top is my little guy, the appropriately-named (well, inappropriately, but whatever) Midget, who is alternately attacking, cleaning, and getting cleaned by Pistachio.

Mind you, prior to the move in late August, neither of the boys had met the other. After a tense few days which involved much growling and hissing (and consequently much scolding and more than a few sprays with the squirt bottle, plus lots of play time – cos, y’know, nothing distracts you from growling quite like a feather on a stick), the boys became fast friends, and mutual grooming is now a regular event.

You’ll also briefly hear Darien in the background drafting up a response to a particularly HORRENDOUSLY written contract to compose a film score. I, of course, can only watch the video sans audio since to do otherwise would be to hear the sound of my own voice, which every time I hear it elicits the same response from me: “Do I really sound like that?! Jeez…there’s no mistaking it, is there…?”

In honor of NY’s marriage equality bill…

The perfect gay wedding song, if I do say so myself…

“The Gallant Weaver” from And He’ll Be Mine (2005)
Dennis Tobenski, tenor
Marc Peloquin, piano

The Gallant Weaver
Where Cart rins rowin’ to the sea,
By mony a flower and spreading tree,
There lives a lad, the lad for me,
He is a gallant Weaver.

O, I had wooers aught or nine,
They gied me rings and ribbons fine;
And I was fear’d my heart wad tine,
And I gied it to the Weaver.

My daddie sign’d my tocher-band,
To gie the lad that has the land,
But to my heart I’ll add my hand,
And give it to the Weaver.

While birds rejoice in leafy bowers,
While bees delight in opening flowers,
While corn grows green in summer showers,
I love my gallant Weaver.

-Robert Burns

Permanently Live

My performance on Friday with Rob Frankenberry of “Permanently” went quite well, I think. We may have been a little rushed, but slight nerves will do that – especially considering the last-minute program change and the fact that we had only run through it three times prior to the day of the concert. But I’m quite pleased with the result and the audience’s reception of the song!

Choral Videos

This afternoon, Dr. Carlson, the commissioner of To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence, posted a link on Facebook to a video of the ISU Madrigal Singers performing the aforementioned piece.

On a lark, I did a little search for my name and came up with a recently posted video of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love performed by the Southern Miss Chamber Singers, conducted by an old friend, Dr. Andrew Jensen. Andy was a member of the ISU Madrigal Singers during my days in the choir, and was a singer in the premiere of Passionate Shepherd. This is a truly beautiful performance: