I finally joined the ranks of Twitter users today, and added Twitter widgets to both the blog sidebar and the site’s front page. This will make announcing smaller site updates (a number of which are in the works) much easier.

Another addition to the site is the Current Projects page. This way, the world can see what I’ve got on my plate at the moment, and what’s in the pipeline. As the projects there are completed, I’ll shift them into a separate list (on the same page) of Recent Projects.

With the addition of Current Projects came two more changes: “Articles” was removed, and the nav bar was reorganized a little. “Articles” got to be a little pointless next to the blog, where I’ve got a few “blessays” as Stephen Fry calls them. The nav bar’s organization was repriotized: the forum, which I intend to keep, doesn’t get much (ok, any!) action, so it got bumped to the “Extras” menu. The blog gets a brisk readership, so I moved that to the main nav bar, instead. I also never really liked the word “Features”, and realized that “Extras” made a little more sense.

I mentioned some minor updates at the top of the post. These will mostly be fleshings-out of the Current Projects, and a few more program notes in Works.

And just because I haven’t forgotten about them: vodcasts are still on the table, but are being pushed back until mid-Spring.