I discovered this afternoon, much to my chagrin, that the Tobenski Music Press PDF storefront hasn’t been working properly since April. So, I just spent the past hour and a half updating my PayPal settings and upgrading my LinkLok files (I sure would have appreciated an email from the LL folks when the updated version rolled out in April…). After a sizable number of test transactions and their corresponding refunds to myself, I have the storefront up and working again!

On the one hand, at least no one tried to purchase anything in that time, so no one was inconvenienced (I receive emails of all purchases, and would have been able to have fixed it immediately, so it would only have been a minor inconvenience). On the other hand, nobody even tried to purchase anything during that time! Which left me a) without any idea that there even was a problem, and b) having managed not to have sold a single score in five months!

So now that everything’s working again, buy! buy! buy! Or just donate on the Links page because you love me so much.