As of Monday afternoon, the Tobenski Music Press now sells PDF downloads of select scores: And He’ll Be Mine, till night is overgone, Sweet Briar Songs, echoes, Starfish at Pescadero (score only), Letter from a Young Poet (score only), and String Quartet No. 1 (score only). I’ll be adding more scores and their accompanying parts in the coming days and weeks.

If anyone encounters any difficulties, please let me know ASAP at My live tests with the new scripts have gone well. I should emphasize that the process is completely secure – everything is handled by Paypal and the Linklok Paypal IPN system. All credit card information is handled entirely by Paypal, and the file downloads are dealt with through the secure Linklok scripts. I’d love to be able to write all of my own scripts to handle everything on-site, but security’s far too important an issue to entrust to little old me.

Bound scores will be handled the same as before: place your order through Paypal, and I’ll mail you a pretty, bound copy of the score(s) or parts.

PDF downloads (and, in the future, MP3 downloads) are even simpler! Place your order through Paypal (Shameless Plug: note the lower prices because of the lack of printing/binding fees!), and Linklok will provide you with links to download the appropriate files. The links will be provided in two forms: a page loaded immediately after completion of your order with secure links to the file you purchased; and a confirmation email sent to you immediately. This email is distinct from the receipt you will receive from Paypal with your complete purchase details.

I ran several test transactions Sunday afternoon, and everything ran smoothly. Paypal even made a point of calling me to make sure that all of the sudden transactions-plus-refunds-of-my-own-money were “authorized activity”. As if I didn’t trust Paypal enough, that made me a believer – a phone call on a Sunday afternoon just to “make sure”. Good people! (Thanks, Karen! That kinda made my day!)

I’ll be adding a few more things to the Tobenski Music Press pages very, very soon (Shipping/Return policies, etc.) to flesh out the storefront and make the processes super-clear.

The process of making this happen has been really exciting for me. I’ve been eyeing Linklok for months, now – going over their materials, reading reactions to it all over the NetarWebs. I think I read their manual a half dozen times before I even bought the scripts! Just the initial Paypal integration for the bound scores storefront had me ten kinds of excited, so to finally get this up and running has me over the moon!