The Program for the inaugural Tobenski-Algera Concert will be:

Under the Night Sky from The Heart oh the Stranger (Daron Aric Hagen)
Masters of War from Mr. Tamborine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan (John Corigliano)
Acrostic Song from Final Alice (David Del Tredici, arr. Daron Hagen)

The Form in the Coffin (Jesse D’Aiello)
1. Whispers of Heavenly Death
2. The Last Invocation
3. To One Shortly to Die
4. Dirge for Two Veterans
5. O Captain my Captain!
6. As at Thy Portals Also Death

Whipsers of Heavenly Death (Darien Shulman)
1. Halcyon Days
2. Memories
3. I Am He That Aches with Love
4. Once I Pass’d Through a Populous City
5. Native Moments
6. We Two Boys Together Clinging
7. Sometimes with One I Love
8. Queries to My Seventieth Year
9. As if a Phantom Caress’d Me
10. Of Him I Love Day and Night
11. Whispers of Heavenly Death

Songs of Sex, Love and Desire (Jeff Algera)
1. Hold Me Close
2. I have no other way to say this, so I’ll just write it on the desk
3. Wherever

And He’ll Be Mine (Dennis M. Tobenski)
1. Braw, Braw Lads O’ Galla Water 
2. Craigieburn Wood
3. Him That’s Far Awa’
4. Lament
5. Bonie Dundee
6. The Gallant Weaver
7. John Anderson, My Jo