This past weekend, Jeff Algera and I made the programming decisions for the first concert of the Tobensk-Algera re-launch. The program will consist of the following works:

Dennis Tobenski: echoes, six songs on poetry by Mark Statman (NY premiere)
Jeff Algera: “Twenty” and “Former Soldier”, on poems by Oscar Wilde (world premiere)

Ricky Ian Gordon: “As Planned”, “Adolescent’s Song”, “Proof of Gold”, and “A Contemporary”

Aaron Alon: “All Rights Reserved” (NY premiere)
Tim Kiah: “La Nuit”
George Lam: Fog Argument, two songs on poetry by Mark Doty (NY premiere)
Justin Merritt: “Dissonance” & “May Evening in Central Park”
Keane H. Southard: selections from Three Songs of Dylan Thomas (NY premiere)
Zachary Wadsworth: Three Lullabies (NYC premiere)

We had 25 scores to choose from, and all of the entries were of a very high caliber. Paring the submissions down to a 90-minute program was no easy task, but I look forward to preparing and performing all of the works that we’ve selected. And learning 90 minutes of music in 23 days will be no easy task!