Today has to have been the most productive single day I’ve had in ages.

This afternoon, I finished work on the redesign of Darien Shulman’s website,, which has been in the works for a few months. The design process for this site was rather different from that of other sites I’ve designed, and was informed by the ways that Chet Biscardi and I work together on updates for his site. When Chet needs updates done to his site, we go through the changes together – Chet at his computer, me at my laptop on the other side of the room. It makes for greater accuracy in whatever edits are made, and is generally a lot more fun (though also incredibly draining since we tend to work for 6 or so hours in a row!). So, once I reached a certain point in the design process, Darien and I began sitting down in the same room and working through details. I think it’s a really great way to work, and makes for an incredibly personalized site, which is something that I really aim for, and that I think sets me apart from many web designers out there.

After we launched Darien’s site and worked out the remaining kinks, I went on to create three (count ’em, three!) new arrangements of at least a moment: for flute and piano; alto flute and piano; and alto flute and harp. This, hot on the heels of the paraphrase of "One Train May Hide Another", Best at dawn, for Marc Peloquin (which still requires some minor revisions in the score layout).

I strongly doubt that I’ll be doing an arrangement for flute and harp, however nicely that might round out the set. The flute version requires that I transpose the entire score up a minor third (as opposed to the alto flute versions, which merely (yet annoyingly) require that the alto flute line be transposed up a fourth), and, as fun as it was making sure of the harp pedalings for the original song cycle, I don’t feel much in the mood to tackle such a problem again – especially in a setting not involving actual composing, but just score editing. However, if anyone out there in Interwebs-land finds themselves hankerin’ for such a work to perform or record, I could be convinced to make the effort.

Regardless, if anyone is looking for a new piece for flute or alto flute: I’ve got three!