The past few months have brought a handful of new web design clients. And new web design clients always inspire new design ideas…some of which I can’t help but plunder for myself!

The first change I’m implementing on the site is a new Audio page, which I’ve felt has been badly in need of a new audio player for some time now. The old player was great when I first got this version of the site up and running (and this is the fourth incarnation of, by the way), but it’s just been bothering me for the past few months. So now I’ve uploaded most of my tracks to SoundCloud, and I’ve embedded their pretty little player on the site! Check it out here.

I’ll be making a few more tweaks to the layout and functionality of the site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

And after a few months away, I’m firing up the Composer’s Guide again – I put up a new essay this past weekend, and there are a handful of posts in draft form ready to go up in the coming weeks. Back in the saddle again!