Visitors to the site may have noticed some little changes taking place over the two or three months, and particularly in the past two weeks. Here’s a little rundown of recent tweaks I’ve made to the site.

In March, I decided to drop my Twitter feed from the front page of the site since I hardly use the service anymore. I’m not dumping Twitter completely (I’ve still left a Twitter widget on the sidebar of the blog here), but I felt that a listing of my next performance would be infinitely more useful, especially since the Twitter feed so often mimes this blog, which is represented on the front page, as well.

Less noticeable is a line at the bottom of most entries in the Works and Current/Recent Projects pages that reads “Last Updated:” with the date and time that I last edited that particular entry. I don’t expect the information to change regularly, but I feel as though it’s a nice little indicator to show how recently I’ve tinkered with the information for that particular work or project.

And in a stroke of coding genius (no, not really, though it only took me about an hour to do), I separated the Vocal works into subcategories to avoid confusion between song cycles and individual songs. I even went a step further and separated out Starfish at Pescadero for being a “Song Cycle with Instrumental Ensemble”. I like this little bit of code because it only affects the Vocal works, even though the works.php file controls all of the different groupings together. Probably not terribly exciting to the world at large, but I’m quite pleased with it.

Also, I reworked the photo gallery to look a little nicer. The old gallery was a holdover from 3.0, and it just didn’t work for me anymore. Each subgallery could only hold 5 photos, which felt very limiting. I’ve kept the subgallery headings, but placed all of the thumbnails on a single page, which allows for easier access to the photos and room for growth within each subgallery. I also find it easier to work with the Lytebox to display the photos, which frees up a lot of space on the page.

I suspect that I’ll be making more changes like this in the coming weeks – it seems natural that the site should continue to evolve.