Once again I fall off the face of the blogosphere! What have I been doing to warrant having neglected my dear, dear readers? Not enough to excuse myself, but enough to fill a short post with!

The Gallant Weaver
About a month ago, I finished a solo guitar transcription/arrangement of "The Gallant Weaver" from And He’ll Be Mine. The piece will be premiered at the wedding of my good friends Danny Stone and Kaity Volpe in Santa Fe, NM on Sept. 18.

Last week I finished revisions to my first solo flute piece from 2004, Soliloquy, for Kristi Benedick, a flautist I went to Illinois State University with. Mostly, the revisions took the form of renotation of the original score into traditional notation. However, I also tightened up a few sections – dropped a few phrases here and there, and elided others. Kristi will perform the piece on November 14 at Southeast Missouri State University. She will also premiere the flute and piano version of at least a moment in Spring 2011.

Duo for Violin & Piano
I’m also revising my Duo for Violin & Piano, which should be finished soon. I’m extending the opening section, and fixing a pesky transition that didn’t work in the original.

I’ve picked up a new web client. (Did I tell you this? I’m too lazy to check.) I’m currently designing a website for lyricist/librettist Michael Korie, who I met through another of my clients. More news as the site develops.

Keyed Up Concerts
I started a mock-up today for another client, the Keyed Up Concerts, run by my good friend Marc Peloquin.

Next month, I start yet another site for composer Patricia Leonard!

More websites! I’m in the data entry stage of the creation of a website for my friend David Shohl, also a composer. David was actually my first web client, but as we both have an amazing capacity for procrastination, and David later fell seriously ill (he’s much better now – hooray!), we haven’t gotten around to making it happen until now.

Split Second Piano Ensemble
Yet another website that’s in the data entry stage is for the Split Second Piano Ensemble, made of the duo Marc Peloquin and Roberto Hidalgo.

New Commission
In the next week, I’ll be starting work on a new choral work for the Illinois State University Madrigal Singers. Karyl Carlson, the Director of Choral Activities, has been a great proponent of my music, and she’s commissioned this new work for the 55th Annual ISU Madrigal Dinners, which coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the ISU College of Fine Arts. The new piece will be performed alongside two of my other choral works, Fair Robin I Love (2005) and Take All My Loves (2009), both written for the ISU Madrigal Singers.

NewMusicShelf is chugging along – I’m still building the composer roster, which is taking a little more time than expected, as getting composers to put their scores together is like herding cats. However, I’ve made a lot of improvements to the site, and am still looking for ways to make the site better.

New Day Job
To top off this list of busy-making things (and in addition to a 10-day trip to visit family in Illinois), I’ve started a new short-term, part-time day job assisting the Finance Office at New York City Center. I’ll be there through the end of September, when I’m back out on the streets looking for more ways to pay the bills.