Zero work got done on the JFund application this weekend. Consequently, I’ve blocked off several evenings this week to tackle it formally. Tonight through Thursday, I’ve set aside 6-8 (maybe longer, depending) every evening to type up my personal statement and project description. Work ‘til 6, type til 8, hit the gym after (must lose this silly vanity weight!). Food in there somewhere.

I’m hoping to be done by Wednesday evening so that I can go to the American Opera Projects’ concert Thursday evening – they’re presenting David’s Haddocks’ Eyes (note the proper placement of the apostrophe – there are multiple haddock here), which I’ve never heard live.

I received Dr. Block’s JFund materials over the weekend, so that part is done and ready to go.

Of course, to make life more stressful this week (positively so, fortunately), I’ve got to make a decision soon between two options for early November. Either I A) stay in NY for the second performance of “Growl” and get interviewed onstage alongside Ned Rorem, or B) go to the VCCA to perform for their 40th anniversary celebration, which would dovetail with a short residency (probably a week). Here I said I wasn’t going to hunt down a VCCA residency for the Fall, and then they go and invite me to this fundraiser and offer a concurrent residency to sweeten the deal! It sort of throws off my plans for a Spring residency in WY. Or, at least, it gives me fewer paid vacation days for the year, should I do both. I’ll still have sick days and some personal days, which I can use at will. And I can always just say “don’t pay me for these days” should I go over my allotment (in an ideal world, that is – of course, I still have something of an “I’m a temp still” mentality).

I’m quite happy to be saddled with such a predicament, though I hate to have to choose! How lovely would it be to set up a Skype session or Google+ Hangout to be electronically present at the concert while I’m in Virginia! And have the NY performance be part of my portion of the VA evening! It’s always an option….

The VA residency, of course, suddenly becomes an option – despite my earlier having dismissed the idea – because it’s in November, and I’ll surely have the piece started by then, so I won’t be approaching a blank page. Plus, it should be easier to schedule a week off then than two weeks off in early October. I’ll broach the subject this week at the office, even though I’m slightly reluctant to do so since it’s audit week, when it’s possible that tensions might be running a little high.