I’ve finally got some decent videos in my grubby little mitts, so I’ll be spending the next few days prepping those for upload.  And that, of course, means that Dennis 4.0 is nearly ready to go live!

I’m hoping at the very least to get up some excerpts from the Staunton Music Festival.  There are a few other videos lying about that I may be able to upload, as well.  We shall see!  After that, we’re in the process of hunting down all of the Tobenski-Algera videos.

In other news, I make my triumphant page-turning return to Symphony Space on Dec 4 for Del Tredici’s Miz Inez Sez and the premiere of My Favorite Penis Poems.  No one turns pages with such élan!

Kaity Volpe and I have also decided to extend the photo project beyond 2008, and leave it somewhat open-ended.  We’ll, of course, find a logical stopping-point, but in the meantime we’ll just have fun with it.