I’ve decided to give up on my upright.

The treatment worked for a bit, but already the piano sounds as though it hasn’t been tuned in a long time, and to repair it would cost far more than it would cost me to buy a new piano altogether. So, I’ve decided that I’d like to give it to a visual artist who can use it in their work. Or, honestly, anyone who wants it. If someone is willing to move it out, they can have it.

So what am I going to do for a piano now?

Two weeks ago, David offered me his upright, under the same conditions: if I move it, I can have it. He was given the piano by someone who lived in his apartment building and who needed the space. David’s now in the process of making space, and is passing on the piano since all of his work is done on his baby grand. Fortunately, I’ve seen this one in action already – he previewed a new piece on it in November, and both the piece and the piano sounded great. Any piano that can hold up under the force of David playing his own works….

So, I’ve been waiting to find a taker for mine before I further clutter my apartment with another piano. If I can’t find a taker in the next week or two, though, I’ll have to move David’s in anyway and put up with less space until I can get rid of the Story & Clark. Funny that I’ll have acquired three pianos in less than two years. Certainly not what I expected.

So: Any artists out there looking to use a piano as a part of their work? Or anybody looking for a piano that doesn’t really work? Look no further!