I’m finally nearly finished with “Permanently”! Unfortunately, my addled brain reordered a few lines in the final stanza of the poem, so most of my musical planning there is shot. But never fear! I’ve got the situation under control! I should have the song finished within a week (I’m also working on a website for a new client, and some major updates for another client at the moment).

For whatever reason, I fell into a compositional rut in early December that I’m just now climbing out of. I think I can safely blame a) the end of the semester, b) the impending holidays, c) a seasonal general malaise, d) the need for a break, etc. By all rights, the song should have been finished a month ago, but that didn’t happen, so we just finish it and move on.

I’m hoping to make two more exciting announcements soon. I’m just waiting on final confirmation for a couple of things before I post the full details here.