The application is in the mail!

After work yesterday, I printed out a pretty copy of Letter from a Young Poet and made nice color labels for the CDs, and everything was ready to go!

The only hiccup happened when I went to check the CDs to make sure that they played properly. I tried them out on my laptop, where I burned them on my lunch break (which took FOREVER – it’s an older lappy, and will need replacing in the next year or so), and it sounded as though it were being played over the radio with lots of static. Scary. I panicked for a moment, but was thankful that I’d remembered to bring extra blank CDs from home. Then I remembered the boombox in the office, and decided to try them there. Perfect. And I asked one of the girls in Education to test them out on her computer, and they played beautifully. Must just be my lappy, whose optical drive is most likely slowly failing, as is not unusual in computers of a certain age.

Now we wait and keep our fingers crossed.

And, y’know, put together more applications. All while starting up the new concert series, preparing to perform for the American Opera Projects next month, working on several website designs, and trying to sit down face to face with some composers I should know better.