More presents for you, my lovely site visitors! The holidays must be fast approaching (Too fast, in my opinion! Where does the time go?), because I’ve got a whopping 16 more videos for you all! This batch almost completely rounds out the “Songs by Gay American Composers” concert from June 2007. Available now are Darien Shulman’s Three Poems of Thomas Moore and Roger Zahab’s Autumn Songs, performed by yours truly and Marc Peloquin, and my cycle And He’ll Be Mine, performed beautifully by Marc and Rob Frankenberry.

Also available is the first of the night’s two encores, a “preview” of “In the dark pine-wood” from till night is overgone. I had just finished the cycle a few months prior to this performance while I was at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and was eager to show it off before it would be premiered later that Fall by my younger brother at Illinois State University. Because I wasn’t content merely to have organized the entire event and sung nearly an hour’s worth of the program, I decided to show off my mediocre-at-best piano skills by accompanying Rob on the song. An admirable effort, I think.

All that remains to be uploaded (thanks to the limited size of my hard drive) is David Del Tredici’s “Acrostic Song” from Final Alice – a little birthday treat for David’s 70th birthday, which had been in March, and the party for which I painedly missed because I was several states away so selfishly writing the Joyce cycle. Here, it’s Rob’s turn to flex his pianist muscles. And what muscles they are – Rob’s a first-class musician!