Now that echoes is essentially finished, I’ve got three more commissions to start in on.  My next project (which I’m already incredibly behind on thanks to how long it took me to finish echoes) will be a short soprano and harp cycle for Patricia Schumann and Megan Sesma.  I’ve been looking at texts in what spare time I’ve had when not composing, working, or creating web sites, and I think I’ve settled on a few Kenneth Koch poems.  I’ll be in touch with the estate in the next few days/weeks to get everything squared away.

I’m also beginning discussions with a few likely commissioners for two more pieces: a work for piccolo trumpet and string quartet, and a potentially large-scale work for choir, soloists and orchestra.  The latter will be my first real foray into the orchestral world (my previous forays were at the behest of teachers, and the results will likely sit in the bottom of a drawer for catalogers and biographers to stumble upon decades from now), and I’m very excited about the prospect.  More details as they come.

And in other news, in addition to the premiere of echoes at the Staunton Music Festival, I’ll be performing Chester Biscardi’s Modern Love Songs and excerpts from David Del Tredici’s Gay Life (“Personals Ad” and “Here”), the former with fellow Emerging Composer Program composer Robert Barrett, the latter with Matthew Stephens, who will also be the pianist for echoes.