I got a nice little surprise yesterday afternoon. I took a little break from the third batch of DDT scanning (Pop-pourri through Vintage Alice), toddled downstairs to check the mail, and Lo! and Behold! An envelope from the Bursar’s office at CCNY. Unannounced, official-looking envelopes have, on occasion, a tendency to startle me. ‘What possibly could they want?’ was the first thing I thought. ‘I know for a fact that I’m completely paid up – otherwise they’d never have given me my diploma!’

It was rather a slim envelope, though. So, I opened it as I walked back up to my apartment. What should I find inside, but a check! No letter accompanied it, only the brief message: “External Scholarship”. Huh.

It was a nice bright spot in an otherwise indifferent past few months. Writing has been woefully slow, work has been non-forthcoming (including new web design clients, alas!), and most of my time is spent scanning David’s files.

I haven’t the foggiest idea why I’ve received this scholarship, or who decided that I should get it. But you can be sure that I’ll be sleuthing to find out who exactly it is that I should thank!