Work at the library last night went quite well. I think I’ve got the personal statement in its near-finished form. I realized that I’d left my notes at home, so I referred back to these posts since I had mentioned my bullet points here. It clocks in at just under a page, which is perfect. I’m debating over keeping headings for the different sections. One one hand, it’s more easily scanable; on the other, it doesn’t have a full flow down the page.

My budget and budget description for the Enhancement Funds are basically done, as well. The question here is whether or not to acknowledge that there will be expenses beyond the $1,500 Enhancement Funds. It’s not completely germane to the application process, but I do want the panelists to know that I’m cognizant of the larger array of costs.

The residency has been okayed on VCCA’s end after I emailed them last night proposing the week following the event, dependent upon the day job’s approval of the time off. I’ll be asking the day job today about the time off.