Tomorrow morning marks the launch of a new site that I’ve spent the past few months working on:, a web novel by Pam Satran, who I met while we were in residence together at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in 2007.

Unlike my previous web projects, I didn’t do the design elements on this site – my role was largely implementation. Katie Mancine, a very talented graphic designer, created all of the images, as well as mockups of the layout, and I turned those elements into a living, breathing website. This is, by far, my most complicated project to date – it’s a series of 6 interlinked blogs along with 12 “Pages” of static content, all running under a WordPress Multi-User installation. I really had to learn on my feet with this one – while my own website blog is powered by WordPress, I’d never had to work with the Multi-User platform, which necessitated a lot of fast research. And I had to learn some pretty crazy and complicated bits of coding in order to make the site seem as simple as possible.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the novel progresses, and watching the subsidiary blogs (a series of music videos, a collection of recipes, and musings of three characters from the novel – all written by other writers) grow.