Yesterday did you all hear some echoes in the tubes? If you did, it was the ISU Madrigal Singers running through my latest choral opus (my, how I dislike that word), To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence, for my benefit via Skype. Since I don’t have the time (or money) to fly to IL prior to the official premiere of the piece for a proper in-person coaching, we decided to fire up our webcams and do it the newfangled way.

I was quite pleasantly surprised with the outcome – the technology worked! It wasn’t perfect, but – hell – I got to hear a choir in central IL sing one of my pieces live while I sat in my apartment in Manhattan. And were they ever good! I’m always so happy when an ensemble is both talented and prepared enough so that I only need to nitpick!

I offered a handful of constructive criticisms, but mostly got to sit back and enjoy a great choir singing my music. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing them live in December!