Friday was a bit of a bummer.

The Brush Creek Foundation made their scheduling decisions WAY earlier than I had anticipated, so I wasn’t able to have more of a back-and-forth thing with them and the office so that everybody could be happy with the dates that I’d be gone. Thursday evening, I got the email with the scheduled dates: Sept 27 – Oct 11. So Friday early-ish afternoon, I brought them to the Controller, who is sort of my immediate supervisor, explained the situation, and asked if these dates were acceptable (the office was aware that I was going to accept BCF’s invitation, so this wasn’t a complete surprise).

It turns out that she’s going to be out of the country for the bulk of that time, which would create several problems were I to be gone, as well. One of the biggies is that she’s the only one who can cover my desk in my absence. Which means that checks don’t get written and vendors don’t get paid. The other biggie is directly related: that period of time turns out to be during the week-long check writing extravaganza when we pay all of the dance companies that perform at our big dance festival in the Fall. So that would mean a LOT of angry (and rightly so) dance companies.

We found two weeks shortly before that that would work with the office’s schedule, so I proposed them to BCF, but, alas, the response to the invitations was so huge that they were booked solid, and nothing was available during their Pilot Program any more.

While life definitely goes on – I’m applying for the Spring (or, rather, finding out whether or not I actually have to *apply* since I’ve already been accepted) – I moped for a few days. Friday afternoon/evening were very forlorn, and Saturday wasn’t the happiest of days. I had really hoped to get a lot of work done on the commission during that period.

Maybe I could go to the VCCA during that time. They may have a studio open for a week or two.