This afternoon, I began work on “Permanently”, the middle song of at least a moment.  Kaity Volpe came to get some composing “action shots”.  Despite the general silliness that we were both infected with, and the gloomy weather, we both managed to get something accomplished.  Since my piano is still broken (more on that later), I used the piano in my boyfriend’s parents’ sunroom.  As usual, once I started working, I essentially forgot everything else in the room.  Kaity, though, assures me that she had the camera inches from my face at times, and that she was climbing all over the furniture to get shots.  At one point, we had all of the lights on to chase away the gloom, and opened two of the sliding glass doors to the terrace so that she could get direct shots of my face as I sang and pounded my way through some accompaniment ideas.  (We put everything back in place when we finished!)

The site transfer is closer than ever.  It may, in fact, take place this weekend!  I’ll be doing little tests this weekend.  Then Dennis 4.0 will launch as soon as I’ve got some video content for you!