This morning I got a draft of the Letter of Commitment from Dr. Block for the JFund application. Aside from having to correct the spelling of my last name, I just tweaked the project description, which was lifted from my original proposal a few weeks ago. It was just a matter of substituting newer, more elegant language.

The letter also gave me some pretty cool information.

Aside from answering my question about the woodwinds (they are in threes), I now know that a harp is available. And I may just avail myself of that harp, especially now that I have an affinity to it because of Starfish at Pescadero and at least a moment.

I also now know the official premiere date: April 27, 2013. A semester alter than expected, but it allows for more rehearsal time, and especially more time for the Drs. Block & Vought to learn the piece. I approve.

The most sort of surprising – but in the best possible way – part was the last paragraph, which listed my responsibilities for the week of the premiere: I’ll be in residence at the school all week, attending rehearsals, teaching master classes in composition, and giving a pre-concert talk/lecture on the piece and everything behind it. Awesome! As if I weren’t excited enough already!

I’ve spent a goodly chunk of the day, since it’s been a slow day at the office, working on my JFund application materials. I’ve got a nice chunk of the personal statement ready: the “How I’m an ‘Emerging’ Composer” segment, and the “How this commission is a significant step forward for me” segment. I’ll finish the remainder on Sunday after Darien and I have dinner with Chet and talk more about his thoughts on the Development/Direction sections. We’re also having dinner with our friends Marc & Seth tomorrow (Marc is a pianist who has premiered and performed a lot of my works), so there will be more discussion then, as well.