at least a moment

for flute & piano (2010)
for alto flute & harp
for alto flute & piano

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18 min.


flute & piano
alto flute & harp
alto flute & piano

to Chet Biscardi

alto flute & harp: T82-E2010-1
alto flute & piano: T82-E2010-2
flute & piano: T82-E2010-3

1. To You
2. Permanently
3. One Train May Hide Another

This piece is an arrangement of my song cycle of the same title, at least a moment, three settings of poems by Kenneth Koch, and was created in February 2010.

Few changes have been made from the original. However, the most substantial alteration occurs in the second movement, "Permanently", where the song requires that the singer speak several lines of text These areas have been filled in with musical material from the third movement, "One Train May Hide Another", as well as a brief allusion to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 (to complement the existing quote from the second movement of his Symphony No. 7!).

Many thanks to my good friend Chet Biscardi for the off-hand remark that spawned this arrangement, and to Marc Peloquin for whom I paraphrased "One Train May Hide Another" (which goes by the title Best at dawn), which put me in an arranging mood.