Vocal Repertoire

Algera, Jeff
  • Former Soldier (World Premiere)
  • Songs of Sex, Love & Desire (World Premiere)
  • Twenty (World Premiere)
Alon, Aaron
  • All Rights Reserved (NY Premiere)
Biscardi, Chester
  • Modern Love Songs (NY Premiere of complete cycle)
  • “The Poet’s Aria” from Tight-Rope
  • Sailors & Dreamers (World premiere of voice/piano version)
Borzoni, Clint
  • To a Stranger
Britten, Benjamin
  • Six Songs from the Chinese
Cipullo, Tom
  • I Hear American Singing
  • Marches
Corigliano, John
  • Mr. Tambourine Man: Masters of War
Del Tredici, David
  • Acrostic Song
  • Gay Life (World premiere of voice/piano version)
Finzi, Gerald
  • Earth and Air and Rain
Gordon, Ricky Ian
  • Adolescent’s Song (World Premiere)
  • A Contemporary
  • As Planned (World Premiere)
  • Prof of Gold (World Premiere)
Hale, Casey
  • Todesfuge (World Premiere)
Kiah, Tim
  • La Nuit
Lam, George
  • Fog Argument
Menotti, Gian-Carlo
  • Canti della lontananza
Merritt, Justin
  • Dissonance (NY Premiere)
  • May Evening in Central Park (NY Premiere)
Noiberg, Hadar
  • Two Songs of Emily Dickinson
Poulenc, Francis
  • Cocardes
Rorem, Ned
  • Early in the Morning
  • Four Poems of Tennyson
  • Look Down, Fair Moon
  • Memory
  • O You Whome I Often and Silently Come
  • Orchids
  • Root Cellar
  • Three Poems of Demetrios Capetanakis
  • To a Common Prostitute
  • War Scenes
  • You, the Young Rainbow
  • Youth, Day, Old Age, and Night
Schubert, Franz
  • Die Winterreise
Shulman, Darien
  • Three Poems of Thomas Moore (World Premiere)
  • Whispers of Heavenly Death (World Premiere)
Southard, Keane
  • Three Songs of Dylan Thomas
Telemann, Georg Philipp
  • Kanarienvogel Kantate
Tobenski, Dennis
  • And He’ll Be Mine
  • at least a moment (world premiere)
  • echoes
Wadsworth, Zachary
  • Three Lullabies