Final application tweaks

The day job approved the time off for the VCCA residency, so I’ll be there from Nov 4 to Nov 13. Very excited to be going back! Tuesday evening, sent my personal statement off to Chet for a look-over. I value his opinion highly in all things, but I value his opinion above all others […]

JFund progress

Work at the library last night went quite well. I think I’ve got the personal statement in its near-finished form. I realized that I’d left my notes at home, so I referred back to these posts since I had mentioned my bullet points here. It clocks in at just under a page, which is perfect. […]

Residency thoughts

Zero work got done on the JFund application this weekend. Consequently, I’ve blocked off several evenings this week to tackle it formally. Tonight through Thursday, I’ve set aside 6-8 (maybe longer, depending) every evening to type up my personal statement and project description. Work ‘til 6, type til 8, hit the gym after (must lose […]

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising!

Since Dr. Block got back from his trip yesterday, I requested the presented materials from him again. Hoping to have it by the end of the week so that I can send out the completed JFund app by Monday. It doesn’t need a postmark until next Friday, but for once in my life I’d like […]

Only Air: JFund Application

During my lunch break at the office yesterday, I called my friend Chet Biscardi to start picking his brain about some of the elements of the personal statement for the JFund application. I’ve decided that I want some outside insight, as it were, for the “development and direction of your work” portion. I think I […]